The Muslim Community Reference Group met with Commissioner Sir William Young, Member Jacqui Caine and the Royal Commission team again in Christchurch this month.

“We have great respect for the members of the Reference Group and their clear commitment to achieving something of ongoing value for Muslim communities through this work,” said Sir William.

“It was an honour to work with the group and understand how they want to work together, with us and for and with their communities,” said Jacqui Caine.
The full day meeting in Christchurch was the second of a series of meetings the Reference Group have planned and was described by the Commissioner and Member as ‘highly productive”.

“We acknowledge we have a long way to go and we are trying to build trust the Reference Group, while we also get significant work underway together.

“We’re asking a lot of each Reference Group member; their involvement requires a significant commitment of time, energy and responsibility and we don’t underestimate that,” said Sir William.

The Muslim Community Reference Group is discussing what information it considers the Royal Commission should know, as well as deciding on the principles and terms of reference for how the Group will operate.

The Royal Commission has asked for the Group’s advice and feedback on issues relevant to Muslim communities and on building in further opportunities for Muslim communities to take part in the inquiry.

The Reference Group has offered some valuable feedback and suggestions for engagement with Muslim communities around New Zealand, which the Royal Commission is now considering.

In addition to engagement with the Muslim Community Reference Group, the Royal Commission is having meetings with Muslim and other community members and encouraging a wide range of submissions from the public, experts and interested people.

Submissions to the Royal Commission close on Friday 27 September.

“We continue to invite submissions to get a range of insights and suggestions. We want to hear from the public, experts, academics, community groups and organisations on issues relating to the work of the Inquiry,” said Sir William.

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