The Royal Commission is required to make findings as to

  • whether there was any information provided or otherwise available to relevant State sector agencies that could or should have alerted them to the attack and, if such information was provided or otherwise available, how the agencies responded to any such information, and whether that response was appropriate; and
  • the interaction amongst relevant State sector agencies, including whether there was any failure in information sharing between the relevant agencies; and
  • whether relevant State sector agencies failed to anticipate or plan for the attack due to an inappropriate concentration of counter-terrorism resources or priorities on other terrorism threats; and
  • any other matters relevant to the purpose of the inquiry, to the extent necessary to provide a complete report.

Recommendations for the future are also sought.

The Royal Commission is led by Hon Sir William Young KNZM (Chair) and Jacqui Caine (both known as Members) with support from a secretariat. The terms of reference for the Royal Commission, found in the Order in Council, sets out its purpose, scope, and the limits to its scope.

The Royal Commission is supported by a small secretariat in Wellington and Christchurch headed by Executive Director Benesia Smith and supported by Legal Counsel Assisting, Andrew Butler.

You can learn more about the Royal Commission through our Q&A, which we will continue to refresh and updates will be made regularly. The Minutes section will set out the Royal Commission’s decisions on matters such as the process for gathering information, treatment of information and records, and will contain progress updates from the Royal Commission.

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