The Royal Commission will take a staged approach to:

1.       Establishment

2.       Information collection and analysis

3.       Deliberations and reporting

The stages are not linear and will overlap.

The establishment stage involves initial meetings (some involving contextual briefings) and identification and initial engagement with parties who are within the scope of the Terms of Reference.

The Royal Commission may request information and evidence directly from a wide range of sources, including the relevant State sector agencies listed in the Terms of Reference; New Zealand Muslim communities, and other sources.

It is presently envisaged that the Royal Commission will follow an iterative and inquisitorial process which will be conducted in private. Members of the public may, however, make written submissions. It is also possible that public fora may be set up.   

The information gathered will be compiled and Members will deliberate to agree findings and recommendations and complete the report process.

Updates will be released on the website regularly. 

It is expected that the Royal Commission will receive a large amount of classified national security information.  The Royal Commission will release a minute setting out how it will handle this information.



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