The Royal Commission of Inquiry invites interested members of the public, groups and organisations to make submissions to assist the inquiry.

Submission period extended

Submissions are now open and close on Friday 23 August 2019. Submissions relating to the Terms of Reference are welcomed. 

What can submissions include? 

The Royal Commission was established following the attack on Christchurch mosques on 15 March 2019 and must investigate:

  • What relevant State sector agencies knew about the attacker, before 15 March 2019;
  • What relevant State sector agencies did (if anything) in light of that knowledge;
  • Whether there was anything else relevant State sector agencies could have done to prevent the attack; and
  • What else relevant State sector agencies should do to prevent such attacks in the future. 

While we are investigating the attack that happened on 15 March in Christchurch, we are interested in more than that, including:

  • How could government agencies make you feel safer?

  • What worries you most about the safety and security of your community?

  • What do you think government agencies should do to stop terrorist attacks in NZ?

To acknowledge those most affected by the attack, the Royal Commission also particularly wants to hear from Muslim and other communities and individuals about their experiences that relate to the Terms of Reference. This is in addition to the direct engagement with Muslim communities the Royal Commission is undertaking, including with the Muslim Community Reference Group.

There may be communities in New Zealand who, perhaps due to their whakapapa, ethnicity, religion, interests or activities, have experiences they could share which may be helpful to our inquiry.  The Royal Commission would like to hear from you too.

Sending submissions  

You can choose how to send your submission from the following options:

Online use the website form here

Email submissions and attachments to: 

Post submissions to: 

Royal Commission (Christchurch) 
PO Box 680 

If you provide contact details we will acknowledge receipt of your submission. We understand some may prefer not to provide contact details, but please note we may not be able to respond in that case.

The submissions inbox will be monitored between 9am-5pm from Monday to Friday. 

How your information will be used 

Your submissions, along with evidence gathered during the inquiry, will help inform the Royal Commission’s report, including findings and recommendations, which is due to be presented to the Governor-General by 10 December 2019. 

The Inquiries Act 2013 says the final report must be presented by the appropriate Minister to the House of Representatives as soon as practicable after the inquiry has reported.  

Your privacy 

The Royal Commission will not publicly release submissions or personal details of submitters.  

The Royal Commission may release a summary of the themes identified within submissions, but people’s personal details will not be released.  

Any correspondence the Royal Commission receives which contains threats to the safety and security of individuals or groups will be passed on to the New Zealand Police for further action. 

Security of information 

The Royal Commission takes its responsibility to protect information seriously.   

All information will be stored on a secure database in accordance with the Privacy Act 1993. 

Need help making a submission? 

There may be other ways you can provide your submission to the Royal Commission.  If you need help please call us on 0800 222 987. 

Thank you 

The Royal Commission thanks you for making a submission, and for assisting with this important and urgent inquiry for the benefit of all New Zealanders. 

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